Virtual Meeting Video & FAQ

Virtual Meeting Video & FAQ

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Virtual Meeting FAQ

Please see below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the ESID 2021 Virtual Meeting.


The Virtual Platform will be live during the Meeting dates. After the Meeting dates, all content is available for an additional 3 months for all registered participants.

By clicking here, sponsors and exhibitors, are able to register for the Virtual Platform.

Yes, Exhibitors will receive their login details to the Virtual Platform from our Exhibition Manager in advance.


Visitors to the Virtual Platform are able to access the Exhibition through the Lobby – by clicking on the Exhibition.

Participants can search for Exhibitors by going through the exhibitor list, or via the Exhibition Floorplan.

Our Exhibition Manager will supply Exhibitors with the dimension of the screens. This will be based on the selected booth design. Exhibitors will receive instruction letters in order to submit their material (either logo, adverts, videos or images). Additional material will be uploaded on the respective tabs.

For Premium Booths, Exhibitors will be able to design their own booth and send us, so we can upload it into the Virtual Platform.

As we offer a variation of different booth designs, the amount of material will depend on which template is selected. Exhibitors are offered the possibility to add more documents, videos, or hyperlinks than initially entitled to, based on their booth design. This will come with additional costs. Please contact the ILS department for more information.

The sizes of screens, as well as the specification of the materials for the booth, will be shared by our Exhibition Manager.

The deadlines will be shared on the Meeting Website.

Yes, visitors have the ability to view and save documents in their Virtual Bag. If preferred, they can even send it to their email address.

Participants can get in touch as soon as they visit the booth. There is the option to click on the “Contact Us” tab and send an email with their question, or they can start a 1:1 chat with the Exhibitor. This can be done via text, audio or video call.

Exhibitors have the ability to see the participants who are live at their booth and have the option to actively start a conversation via text, audio, or video call. Exhibitors are also able to interact with participants in private group chats.

At the end of the Virtual Meeting, statistics and metrics reports will be shared. This will include the first and last name of the participant and country. If given consent by participants, we could share more details, such as contact details.

Exhibitors can also retrieve leads by approaching visitors of their booth.

Exhibitors are asked to be online during the official Meeting hours. However, Exhibitors can extend their online presence outside the official time in order to cover multiple time zones.


Participants can access the sponsored session via the Lobby, by clicking on ‘Satellite Symposia’ or ‘Product Theatre’, depending on the session.

There four possible session formats:

  1. On-Demand
    The session is pre-recorded. The video will be available for viewing from day 1 via the virtual platform.
  2. Scheduled on Demand
    The session is pre-recorded and will be available for viewing at a scheduled time (as per your sponsorship agreement) via the virtual platform. After streaming, the session will stay available for participants to watch on-demand via the virtual platform.
  3. Pre-recorded with Live Q&A
    The session is pre-recorded and streamed at a given time (as per your sponsorship agreement) followed by a live Q&A with all the speakers. After streaming, the session will be available for participants to watch on-demand via the virtual platform, one day following the company’s approval.
  4. Pure Live
    Speaker/s and presentation/s are presented and streamed fully live. A session can be held with or without a live Q&A. After streaming, the session will be available for participants to watch on-demand via the virtual platform, one day following the company’s approval.

Note: All sessions with live elements will be recorded and published automatically on the platform and will be available on-demand approximately 24-48 hours after the session ends unless requested otherwise.

Kenes will pre-record the sessions with the speakers. The Industry Coordinator will contact each speaker and send them the instructions for the pre-recording and different time slots that they will be able to choose from. If a session has more than one speaker, we will take each time zone into consideration when contacting each speaker.

The session will then be recorded by Kenes, and after one week of editing, it will be shared with the sponsor.

Yes, the company will receive the pre-recorded session before the Meeting, one week after it’s recorded with the speakers. And, as for the live session, they will receive it after the Meeting.

Live Q&A will be available and can be included in the session. Sponsors will also be able to add brochures or flyers in the Handout section of their session to be shared with participants.

Additionally, voting and evaluation features can also be embedded in the session. If you would like to receive more information, please contact me.

The live Q&A will start once your pre-recorded session has ended. The speakers and moderator will join live and Kenes will stream it and assist with anything needed.

The live Q&A doesn’t have a time limit, you can use your session’s time as you wish. You can request to stop the Q&A at any time.
Participants will be able to submit their questions that will first go to a moderator. The moderator, after a screening process, will decide which questions to send to the speaker, for him to answer, and they will be made public for all participants.


Live notifications will pop-up on the platform.

There is no limit for the number of people that can join a private and a public chat room.

All participants, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors can join any public chat room at any time, an invite is not needed. While for private chat rooms, and invite is needed from the person that creates it.

The messages in the general public chat rooms are not private. However, 1:1 messages are private.

The messages can be deleted.


Yes, the e-posters will be available since the first day of the Meeting in the E-poster section. There will be two types of e-posters:

  • Read-only e-posters – The abstract will be available for read-only, but participants can send questions via chat to the author.
  • Read & Listen e-posters – The abstract will be available for reading and there will be an audio file linked to the e-poster with a presentation from the author. Participants will also be able to send questions via chat to the author.

E-poster presenters will be contacted by the Scientific Programme Coordinator to record their audio presentation at least one month before the Meeting.

An e-poster presenter should be online during the Meeting hours to reply to any questions that come via chat. If any questions are asked after Meeting hours, when logging in the next day, presenters will be able to see them and reply. All questions and answers are public, so everyone who is registered in the Meeting will be able to see the chat.


All sponsors and exhibitors will receive, at the end of the Meeting general statistics with information about:

  • Number of registered participants
  • Online users per day
  • Attendee profile
  • Industry engagement at a glance.


Each exhibitor and sponsor will also receive tailored statistics for their booth and sessions, with the following information:

  • Number of participants that visited their booth/ joined their session
  • Number of participants that interacted via chat with exhibitors and/or via live Q&A during a session
  • Number of participants that viewed each document or video in the exhibitor’s booth
  • Name and country of all participants
  • Contact details will only be shared when a participant agreed to do so, at the time of registration.

The statistics report will be shared a few days after the Meeting and also at the end of the 3 months that the virtual platform is live.

Within the virtual event platform healthcare professionals authorised to prescribe prescription medicines will be recognized with a letter P (Prescriber) indicated after their names.

All exhibitors (booth admins) will be recognized with a letter E (Exhibitor) indicated after their names.

Please contact us with regards to the most updated compliance regulations with regards to the virtual meetings.

Yes, there will be a clear separation between the Educational and the Sponsored Sessions in the lobby of the Meeting.


Yes, during Meeting hours there will be support from our IT team, via chat or via email, to participants, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

The deadlines of the deliverables can be viewed by clicking here. The specs of the various deliverables will be shared upon receipt of the booking form or completion of the draft sponsorship contract – this to ensure timely completion of the material book.

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